Who do you race for?

I just got a new pair of Newton’s for my birthday from Dustin. They are the limited edition racers that benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation – absolutely wicked! Love them!! Anyways, while I was out running my 21 miles yesterday (last long run before the Rock ‘n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon), I found myself thinking about the insoles of my shoes – they say ‘Who do you Race for?’

Who do you race for? Yourself? A family member? A friend? Considering the Rock ‘n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon is my first race for the season, I was thinking about how the American Cancer Society puts these races on. I began thinking about who all in my life has been affected by cancer, whether a Survivor, a Fighter, a Victim, or a Caretaker. Immediately, I think about my Grandmother (Shirley, my Mom’s Mom), probably one of the strongest women I know – she fought breast cancer and won – then was diagnosed with a type of leukemia that can be regulated (so it is a positive that technology has advanced so far that we are able to take a pill that can regulate your blood cell count). My Grandad battled for a couple of years with cancer and passed away in 2007. My Grandmother on my father’s side I never knew because she was taken by the terrible disease when he was young, growing up. Yes, cancer has affected my family greatly. It’s a terrible disease.

So on my run yesterday, I decided I’m racing my first marathon for my family. We have been through so much together because of this disease and I know my first marathon is going to be a battle to complete – much like the battle my grandparents have gone through with cancer. I’m finishing this race – even if I have to crawl to the finish line (cramping and blistered up feet has not been a good deal in training)!!

I’m ready to race for my family February 13, 2011. Let’s do it!!

Argue your limitations… I do everyday.

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