Training is a Battle…

2011 has not been the best of beginnings for this girl… I’ve had personal issues, work issues, health issues, and overall lack of motivation when I have a marathon in 4 weeks and a 1/2 Ironman in April… I sit here thinking what in hell am I going to do to change this pace I’m setting?! It’s nowhere like how I finished 2010… AT ALL! I’m battling myself about everything it seems.

But you know… recently, I’ve been finding motivation in my friends. They have been asking me advice about working out – ME – out of all people! But I love it! I pass on what I know and while in the process of motivating them for their goals – I am finding it motivating myself – because you have to LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Soooooo… earlier this week I was sick – didn’t know what was wrong (found out later my sinus’ hate me in the south!). Friday, I was placed on antibiotics and some steroids (for what I can assume would be to reduce swelling in my sinus’?) and today, I was like I feel better. Dustin has had this bridge workout he’s wanted to try and you know those are about the only hills we can get down here in the bayou! I knew I am no where close to 100% but how can I be motivating my friends and not backing up what I’m selling, right?! Well, we went to the bridge… warmed up a few miles flat road and then took it – as I was going up, I was wondering why I thought it would be a good idea to do this because this thing was steep! I did one loop on the bridge – almost got hit by some obnoxious dump truck drivers and drivers in general – thank goodness for my RoadID ( just in case something happens (because you never know). I got back to the car and started coughing up a storm and said, I’m done for the day. I think that’s okay to say because when you get down to it, I may be doing a little too much too early but you know – I’m 4 weeks out from a marathon – I have to be training! Dustin bought me some cough drops and all was okay again. We’ll be out on the bridge a couple more times before the Oschner New Orleans 70.3 Ironman because it was tough and completely awesome (even if I wasn’t at 100%)!! Plus, I’m thinking about going to Lawrence, KS in June for the K-Swiss 70.3 Kansas event – and I know it’s hilly there after living there for 2 years for graduate school – I have to be prepared!

Tomorrow, I’m heading out for a nice, long run and I hope it goes better than today! Remember with the weather changes and what seems to be a ton of germs all over (people coughing into their hands, touching stuff.. ICK!) – to get plenty of sleep, eat well, and drink plenty of fluids! And if you have to cough – do it into your ELBOW! :o)

Stay safe out there!

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