Walk of Shame… try the Run of Judgement!

So today I decided to get my long run in before the holiday weekend because I’m sure I’ll have too many adult beverages to ring in the new year! I mapped out an almost 19 mile course for this run and decided instead of running the levee to the golf course that I’d run the street car line with a couple extra blocks and the park loop. People were staring when I went by the first time, then when I began looping back from downtown, and they were still waiting on the street car, the stared some more… then when they actually got on the car, and they saw me 45 minutes later I was still running… yes folks, this is what we call endurance training! And I’m pretty sure most of them were visitors and rode the street car back towards downtown which means they more than likely saw me at least one more time! And I was getting looks and hearing people chat about my running… some good, some not so nice but who cares, I’m out doing this!

I was at about mile 14 when a man who had been waiting on the street car for a while (remember I was out there long enough to know – they were behind and cramped up going one direction – the opposite in which he was waiting) said to me… ‘hey, you better go faster!’ I just looked at him like oh no you did not just say that to me! So of course I replied ‘you know – when you’ve just ran 14 miles, and you still have about 5 to go, come talk to me about running faster, until then, I don’t need you trying to motivate me.’ Yes, I’m a direct person and call it how I see it, whether I know you or not – I’ll put all cards on the table. He didn’t say anything else, just looked at me in shock.

By the time I was in the last 4 miles – knees hurting, feet hurting, muscles saying ‘I HATE YOU!’ and of course my mind is saying ‘hell yea, wish the muscles could keep up because we’re gonna be adding 7-8 more on top of that!’ I had a couple GU Energy Roctanes but… I was not adhering to the have one 15 minutes before every 45 minutes – that will teach me. It was mid-70s with humidity so of course there was sweat and not enough fluid to hydrate me… that’s when my 18.5 mile map went to something a little longer because I HAD TO HAVE H2O! My one park loop turned into two which was a little under 4 miles but TOTALLY worth it! I’m a cold weather runner – I was in high school and when it actually gets cold in New Orleans, I have better runs – it’s a miracle!! But I wonder – if I had actually hydrated and GU’ed like I should have, would I have been hurting so bad in those last 4 miles?

When I got back, I thought to myself – how the hell am I going to do this marathon in 6 weeks and then 2 months later turn around for the 1/2 Ironman?! Then the door opened – and there was a Fluid Recovery Berry waiting for me (not bad stuff and it has seemed to really help me out in these first 12 hours after my run) and Dustin saying, ‘drink this.’ He had passed me on his was home from work and saw me starting to not just struggle but really STRUGGLE, everything was tight in the last 4 miles! I looked at him thinking ‘how the hell did you complete a marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112?’

As I continue to train, I continue to be impressed with the Ironman competitors and as bad as I felt in that moment after finishing my run; I look forward to knowing that someday in 2012, I will be joining their ranks as an Ironman with my continued dedication to my training throughout 2011, no matter how crazy life gets. (You should have known a resolution was coming!! haha) And after today, I’m reminded no matter what we do in life, we will always have those who judge by looking, speaking, or acting and all I can say is enjoy it and put it to good use – I did, I am, and someday I’ll look back and get to laugh at those when I think of the RUN OF JUDGEMENT!! 🙂

Happy New Year y’all!! Be safe and make it a great one!!

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