Off-Season means not so OFF!

Well, I finished my first Olympic triathlon in Key West,  December 5th. It was a great experience and I killed my bike and run (well, for where I’m at physically, totally crushed it!) I took over 2.5 minutes per miles off my run from my 5k time to my 10k while competing in a tri – pretty stoked about that!  Swim is getting better but, it still has a long way to go. I will say that for my first time in salt water and being in my new wetsuit (thanks for the early Christmas present Dustin!) – I can’t complain. :o) It’s awesome to see how your training starts to pay off.

I know my fitness base needs improvement however, it is coming along. Now that it’s off-season, they say to make it fun … but…. I’m running a marathon in February and I am finding it difficult to do ‘fun’ workouts. I have fit in a soccer game but I feel like my focus has to be on this marathon! Distance and speed workouts consume my routine right now. How do you incorporate the fun in off-season training when you have a marathon in 6 weeks?! Usually, I train A LOT by myself but I’ve been able to mix it up and train with some other people – which has been great because I’m not alone out there and I’m pushing myself a bit more than usual. I’m still trying to balance the fun with the serious and I really feel that I have to be serious right now and maybe next off-season I’ll be able to amp up the fun level! 🙂  

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